Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack

I bought 3 asap. I kan be first sux0r?

EDIT: I hate you, masked marvel.

You LOSE. Sorry, babe :frowning:



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how’d u beat me!?!? I don’t even know what i just bought yet! this is sad

PS!? Holy moly, I’m gunna have to up my order already, someone please tell me it’s no good, please!

First post but not first sucker. Where’s Corrado?

Um, that’s how you know you have a PROBLEM. When you just buy without knowing what you’re getting…

Ouch! PS - i want to talk to Loweeel… loweeel. Can i talk to Loweeel?

Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack
$47.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Aged
1 05 Petite Sirah Sierra Foothills
1 05 Petite Sirah Vineyard Blend
1 05 Petite Sirah Paso Robles

Ursa Vineyards website

Hey Mr. PS maybe you can edit your first post with this. And I need help with the CT links.

WD, I am happy to labrat the horizontal package (since I did buy 3), and will bring other NoVA wooters in (kkv123, Bunnymasseuse) to give the full horizontal treatment to all 3. Also, will pair with my lambsteaks. Ask anybody who came to NoVA #6 – you want me to sample all 3 :slight_smile: Especially when paired with lamb… mmm… lamb and PS.

Alrght folks, growing up in NY (not NYC), and living in greater metro DC, PS is not a varietal that I am very familiar with at all. Based upon the quality of the WW offerings I have experienced in my first few months, and the seemingly cult status PS has been given in this community, I am in for one on faith alone!!

Have you had this before?

From the Seattle Times wine section:

Que syrah, sirah: There’s more than a petite difference

Q: What’s the difference (if any) between syrah and petite sirah?

A: Big difference. Syrah (also called shiraz) is a peppery red wine grape that provides the core of most great wines from the Rhone valley of France. It’s widely grown in Australia and has made a name for itself in California and Washington.

Petite sirah (sometimes confusingly spelled petite syrah) is another name for durif, which is a French cross between syrah and peloursin. Petite sirah is quite popular in California, where it produces dark, tannic, somewhat rustic red wines. Among the top producers are Peachy Canyon, URSA, La Filice, Eaglepoint Ranch, Parducci and Concannon.

Paul Gregutt answers questions weekly in the Wine section.

Interested in what all the talk is about this PS thing. Seems like a good place to start

We are one and the same. I am happy to answer all your PS questions :). This looks like a good deal. Whereas the KRPS was a vertical, this is a really nice horizontal, and will really show off the terroir of different locations in a fabulous vintage (at least for Napa; I have no idea how '05 was in Paso).

BTW, for the winemaker… is this west-sieeeede or eastside?

The difference is that syrah/shiraz is ok, whereas PS IS THE FUCKING BOMB DIGGITY, YO!!!

That was an easy instant purchase! I just hope it arrives within 2 weeks.

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the wine wooters softly crying happy tears, as they hit the I Want One button.
I wish I could have been in for more than 2.

HAHAHAHAHA. Clearly, you need to come to more NoVA/DC tastings. There has been only one without PS, and that only because it was white and rose and I couldn’t get a PS rose.

Feel free to stop by any night this week and I will introduce you to the glory that is PS. Especially if I get labratted. Just keep your tues/weds night clear.

Whooo Hooo! Petite Sirah!!


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I can haz labrat?

Really looking forward to the Paso, been pleasantly surprised by many of the cabs, looking forward to the PS. Can I expect many of the same strong fruits?