Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack



This is awesome stuff. Very very structured. Will age extremely well. The '05s single vineyard wines finally opened up last summer/fall with a few hours in the decanter.

These should be good to START (with the Vineyard Blend) once they settle down from travel shock. They’ll be good drinking in the summer/fall, but will reward your patience beyond.

These are among the most structured, tightly-wound PS that you’ll find. Really a nice example that allows you to compare PS terroir – see the red fruit in PaSo vs. the more brambly, denser Sierra Foothills fruit.

Highly recommended.


How do they rate in finish and taste? Big Fruit or mild and soft?


How do these compare with the '05 3-pack? Of the three only the Paso was drinkable last year, one of the Sierra Foothills ended up being corked.

Anyone tasted the '06?


Prior wooting of the 06. From a prior wootoff – no Labrats.


I would jump on this but I’m waiting for my shipment of the Trinitas PS offered last week.

How do these compare to the Trinitas?


Been sitting on my birthday coupon waiting for something that SWMBO would forgi e me for buying despite agreeing not to buy wine for awhile. This definitely qualifies. I hope. Otherwise it’s the couch for me. 'Cause I’m in for one.


Medium-to-big fruit, but buried under tannins. These are really, really structured wines, almost (and rpm forgive my analogy) very much in the “old school” way that you used to have to set aside red wine for a few years for the tannins to soften enough to drink.

I tasted some of URSA’s 06/07 at D&D, and enjoyed them.


Ahhh…they got me with a Petite Sirah…I thought I was going to be able to avoid purchasing for the day.


More structure than the Trinitas – bigger flavors, a lot more tannin. Will probably age lot longer too.


Rare wooter, in for one. Don’t know if it’s the blinky lights or the scarcity, but I didn’t even think about it until I was done ordering.


Does “Condition: Aged” suggest that it should be drank now rather than aging it more?


As with rpm, an unequivocal commendation from you puts me in for three! I’d heard of these ursa before, prob here on ww, as Corison class wines.

I’m looking for complex, ageable wines. Thank you! I’d never much before considered PS until woot conver(sa)tions. And much better value than Cabs Clarets and Burgundies!


They’re not Corison class (but really, what is?), but they’re quite nice wines, and a really superb value. They’re not as approachable or subtle as Cathy’s wines, but they are also extremely well-structured.


You can sit on the Vineyard blend for 5 years and the others for another 10+ without a problem.


I’m out for the evening – sorry, had longstanding plans.

Catch you guys later.


Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack

$47.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Aged

1 06 Petite Sirah Sierra Foothills
1 06 Petite Sirah Vineyard Blend
1 06 Petite Sirah Paso Robles

Ursa Vineyards website


Ah. Wines more for the “settled into a career” types than the “out of grad school looking for a job” types. Alas.


I’m more of the “A year into a career and wading neck-deep in loans” varietal. I’m looking for good wines to drink now, for the same budget you are.


Well just found out a recent order from WW got canceled because my state was removed. So I guess technically I have already budgeted for this.

And next month is a 3 paycheck month.

Watch some great pinot noir come up after this -_- In for 1