Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack

I still have the majority of my 2005 stash. The ones I’ve had from that order have been great QPR. If I had the $$$ to spend, I would go in for 3 of these in a heartbeat and hide them away in the cellar for a few years at least.

I haven’t seen much on the price comparisons or discounts compared to what you can find these for elsewhere. Anyone find much on this?

Oh Ursa, you make me cry…I adore PS, but no NH shipping!

But once again, my bank acct is saved…

From the website, it’s 22 for the single vineyard bottles and 16 for the blend. Cheaper if you buy 6 or more. So… $60 for the 3 bottles + $25 shipping from the vineyard. That’s a 41% discount from their prices.

Googling 2006 Ursa Petite Syrah doesn’t return much for availability online (with just a cursory look over the results).

Do they pair well with kippers?

sigh I’m ruined. I see “kipper” and immediately think of this.

Nononono. There’s no permanent line crossing, more of zigzag… And really, a lot of that kid stuff I would just look for “gently” used like on craigslist or something since you’re not going to have it for that long anyway. Then you’ll have more money for wine!! :smiley:

In terms of this order: Love me some PS, but the whole 20 years of cellaring mini-conversation scares me. Really, TWENTY YEARS? I don’t think I can last that even for a Montebello.

I believe you’ll find that while the amount of disposable income you have around for wine.wooting will decrease, your NEED for wine around the home at the end of the day will increase. Lump it in with cereal, milk, and diapers as an important staple of child rearing.

I totally agree, cellaring a bottle for that length of time seems kind of daunting. Until there is sizable and easily sustainable 55 degree cellar available to me, I just do not see a wine fridge or two adequately doing that sort of job for so long.

Where is petitesirah the wine.wooter? That person used to post extensively on any PS offer. What I remember from those posts is that you either have to drink it soon(ish) or wait 20-25 years. That person was a total fanatic for this varietal.

I wooted on Ursa back in 2008 - those were outstanding IMHO. I am in for at least 1, possibly 2. I love the specialization on PS and the low case production. I have no patience for cellaring so these will be gone quickly at our home. Hope they are drinking nicely now.

You will rarely see a woot offering in CT. We are very limited in selection.

And watch for the CT tastings. Small state, so you won’t have to travel too far.

Thanks for digging that up. I’m guilty of drinking all Ursa holdings. We had a case between the 2005 and 2006 deals and drank every last drop. Oops. The extra time spent laying down for the 2005 paid off. The 2006 bottles were not given much rest.

I believe it’s a “can” wait 20+ years, rather than “must”. I had a 1999 Turley PS last year for free and it was amazing! Some will last longer than others, etc., but as a tannic variety, PS has the potential to have structure to last, depending on your stylistic prefs.

Many people round here like em younger, and will taste stronger tannins etc. It’s a dark fruit drink, not effervescent red fruits anyway. But it’s easy for them to be too young. I find the Caton 08 is way too young w bitter tannins, though the Eaglepoint 06 is fine and smooth!

this, I found too tanninny at the mo (tried one of my bottles) but I’m going to try it again soon to see. Some people lovre the biig harsh tannins, and even loved the 08 Ty Caton! Ask HAK and Klezman…

I also thought the Ty 08 PS was not even close to prime time. In fact, I’m basically holding all my 08 Ty Catons until at least next year when they’ll have integrated better. The PS will probably take a couple more years after that, too. We put it through the vinturi 7x or so before it started to open up. That was a decant in the morning for dinner sort of wine. I liked it less for its current state than for where I think/hope it’s going.

As for this offer, I was checking the website, and for those of us in CA, it’s not among the most fabulous of woot deals :-/ $60 + tax = $65 for $50. Shipping 3-6 bottles in CA is $20, though, so that helps.

Somebody convince me :slight_smile:

Well said…patience is a virtue if you want a mellow PS, which is personally what I would go for, but even setting it down for a few years should mellow it out a bit IMO.

This is exactly right and IMO is why wine.woot is a great site for those of us with kids draining all of our hard earned resources. It’s much more fun than picking up some random cheap wine from Trader Joe’s.

Well, that’s why you get 3 sets! You make it up in volume. (-;

Well, it does appear to be a pretty sweet stroller. It should go nicely with your minivan…er…swagger wagon :wink:

Glad to know I am not the only one driven to daily wine comnsumption b/c of lil’ ones :slight_smile: Funny thing is I tell myself the same things re: WW purchases: keep me sane, better than $7-$8 bottles at TJs or supermarket, etc…I just need to budget myself better so as not to drain my sons’ college education!

This last week had both a 2006 Pedroncelli Mother Clone Zin and a 2006 Scott Harvey Amador Mountain Selection Zin. Both were splendid and Scott’s was particularly well balanced and tasty - not hot, not oaky, not fruit bomb. I would buy a case now.

Both were not the slightest bit past their prime. I also had a 1993 Rioja - from my “cellar” (literally) - and it was browning and tasted like sherry. Not sure if it was supposed to or not, but it was still quite delightful in its own way.