Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack



Ursa Vineyards Petite Sirah - Three Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Paso Robles Shell Creek Vineyard Petite Sirah
1 2006 Sierra Foothills Naggier Vineyard Petite Sirah
1 2006 California “Vineyard Blend” Petite Sirah
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that’s funny! I’m drinking a little glass of the 06 Paso Robles this as it came up… So:

Been open since Monday night. the tannins have got a LOT stronger. The tannins are quite refined on first opening, and then get bigger as it opens up: within a couple of hours on Monday night it had got a lot more bite. now it’s positively Godzilla-esque.

Nose: Dust and jammy red fruits
Palate… strong acid, tart red fruits with some jam and a strong alcoholic bite too. A lot more open than on Monday night after opening when it had only those “bottom of the palate” dark red round fruits. It’s opened up and kiccking more after a couple of days.

If you like your big PAso Robles wines with plenty of bite, spice and alcohol, drink this after 2 days. It ain’t subtle. If you like it more roundedly jammy and fruity as a young PS, then drink if in the first couple of hours.

I personally might try ageing this for another five years, or til after the Dumb period! Hopefully by then it’ll taste like that Turley Rattlesnakes PS from 99 that I tried last year. I think these wines have a similar profile to the Turley. Might that be right, Loweeel?

I’m not a huge PS fan so don’t take it from me… I want to let this soften up and age a lot: that’s my preference. But for drinking now, if you like Loweeel / PS’s PS recommendations, then get this!


Give us a quick review! 3 in the rack from last month, should we buy more?




Did you re-cork it or do the C02 or anything or just left it open for all that time “decanting?”


hi you guys… I edited my first post above for space reasons with my initial tasting now (after 2 days, comparing it wih MOnday night).

I’ll add to it a little more here:

I corked up the bottle and left it out on the kitchen top. It’ definitely more alocholic and tanninny, and with more spice and open red fruits on the palate today. I thin this will age very nicely indeed. I ain’t touching these again for a few years.

On tasting again now, after a few more minutes in glass, it has good long fruit through the palate, still tart and dry, with sharp tannins biting through but not overpowering it t a dusty dry finish.

Again, if you like PSs and huge CA Cabs and wines like the Calcareous Zin and Cab (we all like the Syrah), the Keating Malbec, or other Big wines with a kick and some considerable acid and tannin tackbone, then this is a wine for you to drink NOW!

Subtle it is not, but it has red/dark-red jammy fruits, big tannins and spice. PS lovers will like this. Kyle will like this. If you like Ty Caton’s PS you will likely like this (perhaps even superior, as it shows the vineyard, not just one winemaker’s style).


Dude! I’m trying not to buy wine unless it’s Cathy’s! :wink:


OK, I’ll add three bottles to the one I’ve already got! I am falling in love with PS…


Or unless I see something else my wine rack “needs”.

In for 1.


I think we’re unlikely to see hers. At least this is only $15.xx a bottle Maybe Peter will try to sell some Mar… I mean Roussanne. :slight_smile:


I just had my first bottle a week ago and have to agree. I did get “whiffs” of a lot of potential here, but think it has a little too much bite and not enough developed flavor at this point.


It might be unfair to woot to mention that invino just had one of these three wines on sale at the moment for $11.xx a bottle. Though I think you may have had to pay for shipping. Still there’s some Scott Harvey 1869 and Jana Cathedral on at as cheap as you’ll ever see them Anywhere!!! Note… that’s my invitation link in case you’re not a member… spreading the love in the hopes for some cashback :wink:

I reckon you won’t see this wine again anywhere for less… they’ll be selling off the last of it IMHO.


Tried your link and it didn’t work. :frowning:


The invitation link worked for me when I tested it logged out. Maybe you’re already a member and logged in? Then just click “home” and you’ll find the wines :slight_smile:

So, the Ursa? Buy now for drinking huge and big C-Alcoholic style, or keep for some long-term excellence!


I had a bottle of the “Vineyard Blend” last week and found it to be smooth and velvety. I’m getting 3 more for later :slight_smile:


Yeah, I went to it as well and it let me create a login but it wasn’t clear whether you had successfully referred me - there was no “promo code” built in.

+1 on this offer as well - I’ve seen this one before, good reviews, and I like the bottle design (crucial of course - I’ve had a lot of practice picking labels off the grocery shelf before I found Wine Woot)

Somehow I had restrained myself up till now but not anymore - bring on the PS bear!


I love the bottle design as well!


I think the referral was in the URL so that’s ok… thank you! Code was probably for other ways / old methods!


pretty sure that with a certain # of bottles, shipping on invino is only $10, so I think their deal actually was better. aaaand I’d considered picking it up, but didn’t get around to it. hm. :frowning: