US Modular PowerStor 1 Gigabyte Flash Drive/Backup Battery

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US Modular PowerStor 1 Gigabyte Flash Drive/Backup Battery
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 US Modular PowerStor 1GB Flash Drive/Backup Battery

More reviews on Flash Drive units by SanDisk/ Kingston/ etc. for comparison purposes:

I dont understand what this thing is. If its a 1gb flash drive, then what does it need a battery for?


Dimensions anyone ? Will I need an extension cable to use on my front USB ports ?

It’s part cell phone charger, part 1gb flash drive.


Just buy the 2 gig from the normal woot site and mod it.

Same deal, just different packaging.

Don’t own any of the three phones manufacturers they support. I wish they had a lot more tips…like an iPod one.

Looking at this thing hurts my brain… its stores info and electricity… now i’ve seen everything!.. well, except for that video of britney and paris from the description… interesting…

In the box:
* Motorola/USB Cell Phone Adapter

it has a mini USB connector, figure yourself a mini-normal adapter, can’t be too hard to find

Except not…not at all.

Maybe the iPod should come with a STANDARD power jack, like maybe mini-USB!

Slick marketing flyer
Too bad it doesn’t contain much more information than what’s already in Woot’s description.

Product page
Same lack of new info applies.

Seems useless to combine a 1 gig flash and a battery. Or does this flash erase if the battery dies?

Quote: Maybe the iPod should come with a STANDARD power jack, like maybe mini-USB!

I don’t even have words…

I suppose the “backup” battery is basically a mobile charger…so to speak.

I got a similar device from US modular, but it came with a lot of different tips…it’s ridiculously handy, especially if it’s always in the backpack and something like the iPod or phone just so happens to run out of juice.

Wouldn’t an extra phone battery be more useful? 1 GB is hardly a lot anymore.

I don’t know… I kinda liked the crank emergency pack from a few days back on woot’s main page better for a couple bucks more. shrugs if you have computer power, you’d probably have the power to get online in MOST cases (not all) and probably close enough to get battery power for your phone.

xfer speed seem to be slow
at 4.5 mbps = 4500 kbps or 4500000 bps
a 100MB file is = 104857600 bytes or 838860800 bits
which will take 838860800 / 4500000 = 186.4135111 seconds to xfer

so 3 minutes for 100 MB file…hmmm…thats like USB 1.1 to me