US Robotics 802.11G Wireless MAXg Range Extender



ehhhh do these work well?


Just build a cantenna


Doesn’t an access point act as an extender if you have others running in the environment or is that a myth?


wait all it does is extend the range and make the internet slower? just get another wifi box…


no need considering i only have a 10mbit connection, and besides the 802.11g is still not regulated as the norm. All in all still a good price.


Is it any good? Does it work great?

No pic again?



My friend has one of these and told me once that it worked great with his g network. surprisingly the inbuilt security measure did NOT get in the way. dunno if he still uses it though.


I thought they had something just like this about 3 days ago :frowning:


Manufacturer’s webpage:


Looks like this:


Picture there


i got seven of these for free at a christmas raffle…they do what they’re supposed to do, but i wouldnt reccomend them. decent price compared to other manufacturers though.




Company Website

Good deal by the looks of things if you need one! Later all!



my dad and my friend bought this.

This is a great product, you put it in the spot that gets the worst reception and then it extends a fresh connection from there. Connection went in my room from poor to excellent.


Al Gore created these to extend his InternetS. It’s a series of tubes - no, I’m serious!!


Anyone else having the same no pic problem as last night? Hard to buy without seeing for some of the obscure items that appear here.


Most access points need to be reconfigured to be repeaters before they will act as such, otherwise they will broadcast whatever signal is pumped into them (as is the case when you plug your wireless router into your cable modem, for example).


US Robotics actually got their name from I Robot, the Issac Asimov book which was later made into a lousy movie starring Will Smith.

It does sound patriotic, though… doesn’t it?