US Robotics 9610 USB Internet Speakerphone

I’ll be interested to see the actual number sold on this one. It will likely give you a really good idea of the actual number of people with skype accounts.

I don’t know if it will. The only way it would is if you bought the “softphone” package in addition to the hardware VoIP device to plug into your “land line” phones.

So it’s a microphone and a mono-speaker, that you plug into a usb port? Don’t most computer already have both of those things? Why would anybody with a sound capable computer want this?

This thing isnt even worth the $10. I bought mine at near retail and I just got a squeltching feedback sound no matter where I put it. Store wouldn’t take it back because it was open and US Robotics wouldn’t honor the warranty. Run! This one isn’t worth it.

from reveiws these belong in a bag of crap!

I just got the two that I ordered. I tried one out. When I first plugged in the device and tested it out, I got the broken recording. I turned the speaker volume all the way down and tested it again – it worked perfectly on playback after recording. After playing with my computer’s settings so that audio playback was set to my computer’s speakers and Skype’s ringer and voice recording used this device - all was well and good. No breakage in recording, and the quality’s pretty decent for the cost of the device. I’m glad I bought the two (one for my laptop and travel impromptu conferences, one for my desktop).