US Robotics USB Internet Phone

interesting, usb headset works just fine for me though :slight_smile:

I own and use this purchased from woot! almost daily. You can easily use it with other services.

typically when these things get this cheap it means the drivers no longer work with whatever version of Skype is out now

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US Robotics USB Internet Phone
$6.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 US Robotics USR9601 USB Internet Phone

Down with USRobotics… There are no drivers for them… anywhere else than… them… they have lousy support… as for the quality of the products… i havn’t had trouble… but the software is bloatware…

what’s that? a cord? cord, cord, cord… nope, haven’t heard of one this side of y2k.

Can this be used as a regular microphone?

Say, this product is can be found on Froogle!

But this would require Skype out Credits, right?

I’ve got Vonage and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

or BETTER than Skype, check this out MagicJack - $39.95 for the MagicJack Box (size of deck of cards) and the first year of service, then $19.95 for each full-year there-after. It works from any where in the world from a USB port.

What’s even better with MagicJack is that you can hook landline phones to it.


Yes it can, Can also be used as a usb speaker. No sound card needed.

$67.00 at amazon

This sucker is in for two.

I cant imagine using this as a speaker. the concept baffles me :open_mouth:

it seems like if i’m going to use my computer as a phone i’d want something that didn’t come out of A 1980s cellular telephone design competition.

For those people who have loved ones over seas. Free calls. For very old laptops without sound. They exsist. Or like myself, Cheap who does not want to waste cell phone minutes. Lonely use a free party line. Make the 2008 Version of the jerkyboys “Cyberguys”

I can not think of a reason why not. I mainly use mine with gizmo.

Many many uses @ this price.

Will this work with Skype 3.x? I see specs for Skype 1.x and 2.x but not 3.x on this US Robotics site:

can you use BT headset with magicjack?

im shure there is some crazy way to take this apart and make an external sound card with a jack so you can use better speakers