US Robotics USB Phone Adapter

ok this is recokulouse.

Jaden I love it when you call me hon…no problems here.

Oh hey, a woot-off. Morning guise!

woot off killer?



Time for a nap

can this alter my voice to make me sound like a robot?

please say yes.

quite possibly!


everyone gets WIRELESS instajacks.
they cost money.
oh, and theyre getting between me and that oh so sweet big old canker sore.

This is a woot TKO. At least I’ll get some work done.

Skype is a free service?

TKO was a great rock group… love their music…


First, US Robotics makes devices that turn a phone line into internet.

Now, US Robotics makes devices that turn internet into a phone line.

Is there anything they CAN’T do?!

Wait… well… except… you know, make a robot.

No Vista?

Can I play WoW with this?

this is going to take forever

woot off!!!