USA 2145

Winz! In for one.

What do the chinese words mean?

Damien- Congratulations on your third place finish!


i hate it.

  • Design
  • Color

the chinese means “welcome united states”

In for one.

got mines.

Congrats on the designer, I think we all thought the text one had been ahead.

I’ll pass.

what do the characters say?

eh this might offend some people lol

Glad this beat the other shirt with just the writing on it. Still going to pass on it tho.

Yes! My 3rd shirt this week.
Damn you Woot.

ummm… no.
definitely not my style.

Welcome America…or something to that effect. Others know the translation better than I…it was discussed in the derby forum the other day.

I wore my sputnik shirt today but I think that is enough Commie propaganda for one day.

wow… im a commie and i wouldnt get one.

but very creative shirt