USA Cheese Board & Knives Bundle

USA Cheese Board & Knives Bundle
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(1) Old Glory USA Cheese Board
(1) Rustic Farmhouse Gourmet Cheese Set


Rubber wood? Is this made in the USA?

Doubtful. Rubberwood mostly comes from Southeast Asia. Likely means this comes by way of China.

Something kinda funky going on with the Michigan area. They either omitted the UP or filled in Lake Michigan with wood. LOL

I’ll pass

Needs more Westeros

Turns out Michigan tried to give it back to it’s rightful owner; Wisconsin. Wisconsin didn’t want it after all and it ended up with Canada, eh?

New York seems to be looking at me kinda funny

You wouldn’t want it breaking off and falling into the dip, would you?

I particularly like the way they identify the Mason-Dixon line.

How big is the board?

Height: 8in
Width: 13in
Depth: 0.63in

It’s knot as it seams…

Ummmmmm…Where is Michigan? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’d all be better off without Long Island anyway.


Looks like somebody finally took my suggestion to “saw it off at Yonkers and let it float out to sea” literally.

The unofficial New York City motto is “Whatta you lookin’ at?”
However, this appears to be in Buffalo. Or maybe Pittsbugh.

Did we lose some land to Mexico?

Texas seems to have shriveled up a bit on this board. Not good. Our governor is going to send State troopers to monitor you, Woot!

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