USA ELCAR LED Car License Plate Holder

FYI, in the State of Ohio, it’s illegal to show blue lights on a vehicle other than a police car. I had a similar license plate holder years ago, and learned the hard way.

This is also illegal in the state of Michigan. You can have it on your car, but it cannot be on while the vehicle is moving.

So maybe rig a switch to turn on when the car is in park and on?

Prolly is in alot of states; however unless your in VA, OH, or CA I doubt you see many officers enforcing this one based on where it is located on the vehicle.

For 45¢ more, get a white one on eBay:

IANAL, but I believe it’s illegal in California, too.

Illegal in MA

Illegal in GA as well.

This will get you a pretty ticket in Texas!

All illuminated license plate frames - especially the neon ones, are NOT LEGAL.

What would be the best way to power this if I were to hang it on a wall in my basement bar?

You would need a 12V AC Adapter like the one here:

A lot seems to depend on the officer. The California DMV page states: “obstructs or impairs the reading or recognition of a license plate by an electronic device operated by state or local law enforcement, an electronic device operated in connection with a toll road, high-occupancy toll lane, toll bridge, or other toll facility” only. So not directly affecting the officer, but only electronics.

Whereas the Texas one states: “This would mean that, subjectively (or in the eyes of the law enforcement person), all illuminated license plate frames - especially the neon ones, are NOT LEGAL.”

Again, it depends on the officer. You might get a nice one that says it isn’t, but might get one that says it is.

But the point is moot, since my order was canceled by Woot. :frowning: