USA Toyz Vox Box Walkie Talkies

I bought walkie talkies in the past for my son but could not find any that really worked when you were in the next room. What is the range on these ones? Anyone buy these and have any feedback?

GMRS? FRS? Odd Chinese illegal channels? Some specs would be nice.

It says 3+ MILE RANGE - , but that’s probably in space. Here on earth, with trees, buildings, and hills you’d probably be lucky with 1/2 mile.
No specs given, so I’m suspecting “low end” junk.

Yeah, I’m guessing that is right. I was looking recently on Amazon, and these did come up as being favorably reviewed. I want some for traveling overseas, and size/weight is an issue. These use 4 AAA each, so maybe not really light I’m sure. I agree, some stats would be nice, as would be some user comments.
For travel, having to pack a charger for 4 batteries eats into my packing space as well. I have a 2cell charger that is really small, but having to charge 8 batteries, 2 at a time could be time consuming. Just an aside, despite have USA in the name, the company is an importer, based in Washington state, so not made in USA.

We have similar ones labeled by a different company. And in pink.

Anyhow, for the walkie and the talkie parts, they’re fine. However both featured different failures of the display. One had half of the LCD go dead, the other went all black.

Those problems didn’t affect the operation of the radio – it just meant you couldn’t reliably adjust the channels any more.

Remember to check the regulations in each country you are visiting. From the description, I assume these units work on the US FRS. In other countries, the US FRS overlaps the public safety frequencies.

Which is why SPECS would have been NICE Woot. where is a Woot moderator when you need one?