USB AA Single Battery Charger with AA NiMH Battery

Now there’s something…different

Really? $1 + $5 shipping? REALLY?


One. battery?

Shipping kills it.

This could be useful for my mouse that takes one AA

are these any good??? ive been looking for rechargeable batteries for my Wiimotes

i don’t own anything that takes just one AA battery…

This could come in handy… Hmmmmm

Shipping kills this deal.


seems pointless

One is useless . . . if it were two, I might consider.

what’s the mAh rating on the battery?

Hmmm. 6 hours to charge a single AA battery. Ummm…no.

Everything I have needs 2 batteries

Now I’ll need to get an adapter for my iPhone to run on a single AA battery…

Buy 3, then you’ll be able to charge 3 at once.

Hmmm… nothing about the mAh rating of the battery.

So, $6 for one battery and a charger? If it was 4 batteries, I’d be in, or even two. But just one?