USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter

Why is this micro adapter “NOT recommended for employer-provided computers.”

Many employer-provided computers can have restrictions called “group policies” that may prevent the installing of third-party software without assistance from your IT staff.

Shipping kills the deal. It’s a nice little add-on though.

Bought one of these in August 2017 from the big smile proper. It’s only used as a dedicated bluetooth receiver for a PS3 controller for playing games on a PC, but in that regard, it’s worked flawlessly. Never had any problems with it working plug-and-play to a Windows 7 machine.

Non-Prime shipping for me is just over $11 from the parent listing. I agree shipping makes it iffy due to doubling the price, but ~$11 including shipping is better than ~$28, especially non-refurb.

That being said, if you have Prime, you’re looking at only about a ~$3 difference in total cost ($3 more but faster arrival via Prime, versus $3 less but slower arrival via Woot).

I’m impressed today. Great answer and explanation.

You would need admin rights on the PC. Many Co. will allow temp admin, but if you tell them you want to connect an open gateway, they’ll slap you silly.