USB Devices & Accessories

What’s with all the apple stuff? No micro usb to be seen yet so many 30pin and 5pin cords and the charger. I’m dissapointed considering the previous balances of power in the iPhone/Anything Else struggle

This is miniUSB player - not Apple. WIsh I knew if is was worth $10.

idk bout Refurbished yeti I really don’t know if refurbished mics are good or not x.x

Seemed like a no brainer to get 3 of those little 99¢ Delton thingies, but the one review on Amazon said it doesn’t work. Does anyone have any experience with 'em? Would be nice to be able to charge my iPhone 4S.

Except for 1 from Amazon that didn’t sound real, I found good reviews and prices from $15 to $35. I think I’m in for 2.

I can’t speak to reufurbished, but I will always recommend the Blue Yeti as its been great for me, and this price is worth giving it a go. Also, the Snowball isn’t too bad either.

damn! I knew this would happen! I just bought a Blue Yeti about a month ago! anyhow it’s awesome. I’m using it to record a podcast and without much/any real effort the sound quality is great… maybe I should buy a second one…

I use a Yeti and a Snowball for my podcast. 2 Yetis would be nice thought since they are good for recording multiple people at once too.