USB Devices

I clicked on the link looking for the Ghostbusters USB. I was disappointed when it wasn’t there.

Where is the Ghostbusters…?


I know what you mean. I clicked expecting to see Marvin the Martian. Talk about deceptive advertising.

Is the wireless usb works on a TV with internet ready?

Show me a picture with a Marvin the Martian USB drive, then don’t have one actually for sale?

tacky way to get peoples attention, :-\ woot you are stooping quite low these days. BUT ANYWAYS, those flexible keyboards are garbage.

They had all the USB drives pictured in this old sale, but the popular ones must have sold out. You didn’t expect woot to take a new picture of the remaining items did you?

I, too, was excited about Marvin the Martian. I was going to send one to my sister, as that is her favorite Looney Tunes character. Bummer.

If they’re not selling those items, then yes I did.

You don’t get the actual picture of the item until you drill down on it. The Plus sale banner pic is just a representation of the type of items you may find when you click through. Many of the plus sales include far too many items to include in one banner pic.

Sorry you got your hopes dashed, but it’s not really bad unless they had the wrong pic on the page where you actually purchase the item.

No BSMITH1, it’s called bait and switch. If a picture is used for the sale and does not have a disclaimer that what is shown is may not be available, people will naturally be upset when it is not available for purchase.

It is the Amazon way…

free shipping

I am just saying