USB Flash Drives

The Monster Digital is the exact same price on Amazon. Not much of a deal… haha.

*EDIT: Actually, even worse of a deal if you consider Amazon at least gets free two-day shipping for prime and Woot charges $5 for ground.

True indeed, that Monster 256GB drive is the same price on the Mother Ship as on Woot.

However, the little boys (the 8GB and 16GB) seem to be less on Woot. Although the model numbers aren’t exact, the specs are similar (Monster brand, size, and USB 3.0). If you buy >1, I think you save a bit of money on Woot.

Besides, I like the red color. :slight_smile: Down for two.

Woot, if you’re seriously trying to break your image from Amazon like you claim to do… are you going to do something about this?

It’s really not going to look good when those of us reporting on the prices show the actual difference.