USB Massage Ball - 2-Pack



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USB Massage Ball - 2-Pack
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 ThinkTank Technology KC91021 USB Massage Ball

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if woot can 2fer on tuesdays… so can we… check useful linkage for CSE links… i got a few.


Ummm, awesome?

edit: is this PC? “Hold it in your hand and pretend you are giving Michael J. Fox his yearly physical.”


Just when you thought 2 for tuesday could not get any worse… See you tomorrow Woot.

  • K


There’s waaay too much that could be said about this product, but not in a family-oriented forum.


Mac compatible!


dell puts your USB ports on the front of the tower… you could use these for your feet on the floor :wink:


Hmmmm if they only came in pink.


Well THis is cool!! massage both hands at the same time.


I’ll be the first to ask…

Will this work with Linux?


Interesting. These might prove useful with all the refreshing that I have been doing on here lately!


Good throwaway gift to give to friends who work in office. I am in for 2 (aka 4), not 3 (6) for some reason. 2 (4) just seems like the sweet spot.


This maybe one of the greatest woots! off all time. Need one for my back.


Stocking stuffers! Or perhaps panty stuffers! Oops. Sorry. Can you edit that out? Thanks.


why do people need to massage themselves when they’re on the computer?


Well it’s about time.


Wow… who needs this? Why would you want stuff powered by USB, why not AC?


Got one just to see what the heck it is.


ahaha!! from the description: Hold it in your hand and pretend you are giving Michael J. Fox his yearly physical

Oh man I laughed so hard… but it’s so wrong… oh man…