USB Panic Button

Wow, those Kodak picture frames went fast. I’m guessing there were a lot of people who regretted passing them up last week.

and yes! they’re gone!

In for 3! 1 for me & I’m sure my 2 other coworkers would enjoy this!

nobody yet put the h2g2 comment yet, huh?



I heard from a disreputable bird that you have a bigger chance the blacker your box is! :slight_smile:

DAMMIT I wanted some of these !! grrrr

bought 3. you’re welcome.

Why do you ALWAYS do a “Woot-off” when I’m dead tired, unable to stay with it long enough to find my dream treasure? I’m really hoping to… find… a…uh…zzzzzzzz…zzzz…

thank you woot any usb toy i buy it.

It looks like this allows you to customize your own charts. I hope there’s more flexibility than that.

If every time my wife walks by my computer when I’m surfing pr0n and all of the sudden I’m using Excel, it’s going to look fishy!

Anyone know if it’s limited to charts?

Also, can it be used to control arbitrary things? i.e., can you use it to open up Photoshop by renaming the .exe file that it runs by default?

OMG…why did I see this and immediately buy three?

le sigh

That would be cool to use a wav file…


If it shows up as a game controller, it would make a great Ventrilo or AutoHotkey button. And i’d be willing to drop the 20 bucks for 3.

Without knowing, i’m not willing to spend anything on it.

I was trying to figure out what to do with the one I got… the trash… what a great idea!!!

get the wootalyzer

Already got mine, works fine. Even on windows 7!

Just got mine, now i’ve gotta figure out a way to get it to do more than just open a JPEG full screen.

found this, way more exciting than the default software: