USB Plasma Ball

At least that’s something to use the “Pocket Power” Batteries on.


I was hoping it would be the fish tank. :frowning:

I don’t have enough carp on my desk as it is…I’m in for three

stop posting that you arent going to get a job from a fuggen woot post.


how big is this?

cool usb gadget, hours of clean fun. great for kids, buy 3

Buy two and have a set of balls.

funny woot is funny.

I’m in for eleventy billion!

Yes! More USB novelties!!!

uhh… What the heck? I don’t understand whats the point of this thing…

If only I could get portable power for this, it would be AWESOME.

oops, guess I missed that.

4 ft. USB cord is impressive.

Another useless item.

there is absolutely NO reason why I want to woot that little desk toy so badly!

how useless, I really want one

Loving you is easy cause yr beautiful…

this goes perfectly with candi the usb stripper