USB Powered Woot-Off Lights

buh? Already? Well that was short. And confusing. What’s going on?

I have these, and they work OK. Not as cool as the red and blue ones though, but they still look cool on top of my monitor.

Man these things break in like a day

I already own a pair! Haha.

Oh hey there Wootalyzer, welcome back!

aww crap. I already have 3 sets of these… they usually put em in the Bag of crap these days.

Bad ass! what would i use em for?


Woot off killer?

Say WHAT? Holy crap. Doesn’t w00t realize that I already HAVE w00t lights and they’re spinning away right now?

Finally got a set!

Been there. Done that.

I do NOT need more lights!

Really? Is this the two for?

Got em!


OMG…finally got some woot lights!!! in for 3…for my daughters of course ;o)

Good Night.

Denied. WTF???