USB Speaker/Hub


I have an USB speaker/hub hooked to my work computer. I got the blue screen of death last week (memory module failure), and after my desktop support agent replaced the computer he said the speaker/hub was the cause. Has anyone ever heard of this or is my desktop guy out to lunch?


some sort of surge could have happened at the time you plugged in the speaker/hub.


A surge from where? It is powered by the USB.


I have heard in another case a USB drive getting wiped because they didn’t remove it properly. That may have happened here also. I don’t know if that could have happened when plugging it in. Haven’t taken enough electrical classes yet to remember that.


Never heard of that, what made him think that was the problem?


You could have a short circuit, but it seems unlikely that that would happen, or cause it to mess up the comp.


It was plugged in at the time of the failure, I guess. Other than that I am not sure why he would think that.


I agree. Although you do see strange things at a repair/support desk so that is why I mentioned it.


Sounds like bull to me, but I’m not an expert.


I umm… might have been messing around once, and um… short circuited the usb before. No harm was done. The thing that makes me question it the most though, is he doesn’t seem to have a reason to think it was the usb thing. How could he possibly know that was the problem?


No idea…


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