Use Your Inside Waterfall Voice

How about some information for the “Pfister GT529-SMS GT529-SMS Lita Single Handle Pull-Down K?” Currently nothing but sales stats.

Does this include the 3 hole plate, as it does when sold by Home Depot or Amazon?


Sorry, should be updated in just a minute!

Only 6 Delta touches faucets available?!
Limit 4 per person?!
Yet the first and last person to buy, is the same person, and all six were sold in the cheesehead state?! I smell a rat!!

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

All six to one rust-belt state? Hmm… Smell, hell! I see one – right here!

Their own stats show they only sold 1 unit. There was one buyer, and 100% of buyers bought one unit.

I didn’t see where it said they only had six, but if that was the case, then pre-school math would suggest there are 5 units left to be sold.

Faucet arrived today, broken. I blame Amazon/Woot for their poor shipping standards. They don’t pack a pad of paper any different than they pack a heavy faucet. Insufficient padding, loose taping, and then shipping via UPS is a real recipe for disaster.

I’ve written to woot customer service, but I don’t hold much hope. I’m 98% sure they will say they don’t have any more available. So while they will refund the cost, it will take weeks to receive the refund and despite the awful shipping being Woot’s fault, they won’t refund that.

One of these days I’m going to learn to stop buying from Woot. At least before Amazon came in and destroyed it, the customer service was top notch and they always made it right. Now you just get standard responses, often to incorrect topics.