Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)

Used Automobile Parts 2005 Dessert Wine Half-Bottle 3-Pack
$59.99 $165.00 64% off List Price
2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine 375ml
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Previous offer:

This should hold me over until the next Prager Club shipment comes in.

Does it come with the jumper cable?

The previous woot of this wine was 10/22/14 for $59.99 for a set of 3.

There was an offering 8/22/2012

Saw this was being offered, had to sneak back on and grab one.

Hopefully NOT!
If you hook up a pair of these as they are pictured you will indeed have a tribute to the dessert wine you got them with when your battery explodes and your car catches fire…

I cannot tell you how sad and disappointed I am that this does not ship to Virginia. I have been looking for this wine for over a year, and wanted to buy 3 packs.

It is delicious! I buy this one every time it becomes available. I’ll be doing that again, probably 3 this time.

If you’ve got a friend or FedEx Office location in a near-enough shipping-eligible state send it there!

We have one bottle of this left. It’s good stuff, and at a lower price than the first woot offer in 2012. Considering re-upping, but then again if we didn’t get more Spaniard yesterday it’s hard to justify this one…

Awe man. Wanted to get this for my husbands anniversary gift. He loves port/dessert wine. :cry: stupid ohio, and West Virginia, can’t even have it delivered to my grandparents that way. :confounded:

I’m sold. Don’t buy wine on woot often because we have a giant stack of wine already, but it’s easier to justify 60 bucks on good dessert wine - good dessert wines disappear quickly around here. :slight_smile:

That said, is shipping 3 half-bottles really $30? Don’t get me wrong, the woot price looks great, the original price just seems a little high given that they’re $45 each on the winery’s site.

There’s this little thing called taxes that the winery has to pay every year on their inventory to the government. Plus storage costs due to refrigeration and humidity control.

Which are a couple of reasons why library (this is a 2005) wines cost more.

And while there isn’t room for regular wine bottles, these are just the right size! Plus I know someone who guzzles these down, and they just bought a house. Now I have a Housewarming gift! :wink:

Put Wisconsin on the map! In for 1

No… I think you misread me, though re-reading it, I can see why that was a valid reading of what I wrote.

I wasn’t saying 45 dollars is too expensive - it is somewhat pricey, pricier than I would have paid at full price for them, only because there’re hundreds of excellent dessert wines of all types that are cheaper and I haven’t had yet, so I’ll work my way up to the more expensive stuff :p. But I wasn’t remotely saying I didn’t believe it was a valid price. All I was saying was, I think the listed woot “full price” (i.e. so they could state it was 64% off) seemed a little bit higher than the actual “full price” if you wanted to buy it and there wasn’t a woot deal, given there’s a listed price on their web site of $45 each, meaning 3 of them are only $135 - unless their shipping was actually 30 dollars, which seems a high shipping price for three little bottles, even if they are glass bottles.

I totally believe these are worth $45 a bottle, why I was quite happy to grab a box at the current price.

Website price for 1 bottle = $45.00

Shipping to Virginia = $25.94

Why can the winery ship to Virginia but Woot cannot?

a very silly stipulation in VA wine laws regarding 3rd party shippers.

Of course. Leave it to the Old Dominion.

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Some producers have been known to make accommodations for those where woot can’t deliver.

Worth asking.

Unfortunately, the last time one of the Sebastianis graced these boards was probably when Donny was rolling out Krave Jerky. It’s been awhile.