Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)

I used to own that '79 Prelude. Bought it new in '79. Was wondering where it wound up…

This sounds pretty Delicious. I dont know anything about this type of wine. anyone care to share some insight? Is this a port? isnt port supposed to have a higher RS value? is this a drink now or a save for later?

Jump leads included?

love me some pretentious wine descriptions…

If you like ports, and you like your wine thick dark and rich, then this is a buy. This ranks high on my porto-meter. Like all ports it is sweet, but does not seem as sweet as most, and the grape flavors really come through. I do not know about storage because I simply have not been able to wait very long. Great for drinking now, and I expect it will store for years.

Really enjoyed this from the last offering and would love to go in x3

As is often the case: No shipping to Arizona. :’(

Also enjoyed from the last offering, it is very good. Had not tried a Port in many years. One bottle left…was saving. I’m in for 2. Just glad the “Great White North” was on the list so I may enjoy for months to come! Or maybe years?!

I think we have one of these remaining. It was doing quite well the last bottle we tried. molarchae aka swmbo isn’t too into Ports these days otherwise we would likely have another set on the way.