Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)

Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml - 3 pack

$74.99 (Normally priced 135.00) 44% off list price

3 2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine
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NOTE: Remember to change the size when entering into your cellar.

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Cellar is full after the woot off, but not for three teeny tiny bottles. :smiley:

Could someone give me a quick overview about their general take and experience with the Used Automobile Parts portfolio of wines? I’ve never actually tried any of their line, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Based on that, would their dessert wine be good?

This sounds right up my alley for port-style dessert wine. Anybody have any experience with this one in particular? In particular, comparisons to Twisted Oak Pig Stai or Fenestra’s port would be wonderful.

Their red blend seems to do well on cellartracker, but it’d be hard to extrapolate based solely on those reviews. The winery is responsible for the Smoking Loon and Crusher lines, for whatever that’s worth.

Possibly worst tasting notes ever short of it tastes winey but I blame them for forgetting to open it until the very end. The sum of my notes is “good smooth port”. Sorry, no flavor profile at all.

You’ll be sorry! Even after 2 days of buying more wine on the RPM Tour, I still went in on this one.

We tasted it last month at the gathering at WCC (June 28th), and I didn’t bring my notes with me. I just know it was really, really good.

I remember it was smooth and rich. Seemed perfect for after dinner dessert and/or cigars.

While I like Wellington Estate Old Vine Ports ($25), I would rank this better. In fact, IIRC from the tasting, I would rank this higher than most non-Port ports/dessert wines except for the Vincent Arroyo PS Port.

More than the 2007 Ty Caton PS Dessert Wine, Prager PS Ports, Scott Harvey Forte, Pedroncelli 4 Grapes Port, & TO’s Pig Stai.

It was very tasty.

…we forgot to open it, until that error was subtlety pointed out by Sparky… :wink:

I think that’s a tasting note, not notes.

This isn’t quite the deal, except for the fact that this vintage (2005) is sold out, which I guess makes it OK for them to charge $25 for a half bottle. A couple of months ago, they were clearing out this vintage with full size bottles at $25 each. It is a very delicious blend and recommend it highly, but I get irked when I see Woot try and make something seem like a deal when it really isn’t better than the first time they offered it.

Damn you woot. If this offer was only 2 bottles @ $50 I would be in for sure. However, having just bought a car, I really have to think about this one now.

On another note, “dessert wine Friday” would be an awesome trend to start, though it would destroy my wallet.

This…also noticed things from woot have been shipped by Amazon lately, guess this implies I’ll have to start paying tax on my woot purchases too bad news bears…

Wine will never be shipped by Amazon.

This is the trick that Amazon plays on you. They make it seem like you’re saving money because you’re not paying tax. However you are supposed to claim all these Amazon and woot and any other site that doesn’t charge tax for that matter on your taxes. I would rather have it done at the time of purchase and not have to worry about it come April.

Yes - I noticed that too. I thought it may just have been I hadn’t bought from the other Woot sites for a while (really just Wine Woot nowadays) so had just missed that memo. No more woot boxes I guess.

Just an FYI, you don’t have to claim anything for wine.woot purchases, as the notices provided all state that price includes taxes, where applicable. Not saying this will not change in the future, but this is how the wine.woot purchases have been for quite some time now.

In for one based on your comments. I had a set of three of their 2005 Cab in the cellar and picked up another 2 sets during the wootoff based on the comments on how great it was drinking. Haven’t gotten into a bottle yet.

I got into a bottle of the 2004 Astrale e Terre Syrah many people were trashing during the wootoff earlier this week. Had it with a grilled dry-aged ribeye. It’s a nice wine…glad I got another set of 5 during the wootoff.

Depending on other comments on this one, I may jump in for another since I unlocked the FREE SHIPPING for other purchases…that’s probably why I also jumped in on the 2007 Clos LaChance Late Harvest Semillon - Nectar.

I pushed the button on the LH Semillon as well. I think I was able to taste it on Tuesday or Wednesday during the joint gathering on Tuesday or the Partay on Wednesday. It was good. Really good.

Glad to hear that about the LaChance LH since it’s now too late!