Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)

Used Automobile Parts 2005 Dessert Half-Bottle 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $135.00) 44% off List Price
2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine
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Oh man, why did this have to come up. I’ve been doing so well, not buying ANYTHING during this WO… But this was on my short list…

Please, someone talk me out of it…

Trying to figure out why one would use a jumper cable with the positive running to the negative (or vice versa).

Once again OH is left off the Sebastiani & sons ship-to list. This does not bode well for the Orange Crusher…

Could we get the non dessert wine up one more time PLEASE!!! I have heard great things about it but last time it was up on a woot off I missed it.

Sorry, we’re all enablers here. :wink:

This was soooo good at the June WCC tasting. Even if I had to twist their arms to open it. Perfect way to end the tasting.

Now if only I hadn’t bought this last time it was up … oh who am I kidding?

We are seriously overloaded on dessert wine, but how does this compare to the Vincent Arroyo PS Port?

I’m trying very hard to NOT buy this. I love dessert wine, and love port and I hear this stuff is fantastic.


How sweet is this? Can anyone elaborate on the taste?

(Funny thing: while I was typing this, Fed Ex delivered a previous Wine Woot order.)

Great wine picture!

And I second wanting the non-dessert version back up at some point.

But, but, but… It’s expensive… That’s has to be my mantra. Maybe that will keep me in line…

OK. I need an opinion of someone that has had this AND the Kent Rasmussen Vermehlo Forte and compare the two.

Because the KR stuff was frickin’ awesome.

The non dessert is awesome. Had 1 order from the first time offered, then bought times 2 during the last wootoff. Finally opened two a week ago…awesome! All 6 of us it loved it…glass stopper is very cool! Bought the dessert wine x one during the last woot off and in for another today. Haven’t tried any yet…want them to settle down from shipping.

YES! I want more even though I have 7 in the cellar!

What happened to shipping to Virginia? I just ordered wine from Woot! to be shipped to Virginia earlier this week

I enjoyed the normal UAP wine. How does the dessert wine compare? Is it similar to a vintage port?

I’d prefer an actual Port, preferably a tawny. What say you, Woot?

A tawny port sounds absolutely delicious to me!

I’m not buying this because they cable had a positive and negative clamp… on the same cable… that will blow out all your electronics…

… if they can’t get that right the wine is sure to be bad.