Used Automobile Parts Dessert 375ml (3)



Used Automobile Parts 2005 Dessert Wine Half-Bottle 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $135.00) 44% off List Price
2005 Used Automobile Parts Dessert Wine
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No idea how it tastes, but branding fail. I guess all the good names really are gone.


25 bucks for 375 ml? some pricey stuff, is it just me or is this another disappointing woot off??
like three in a row.


this will be here for hours. snooze…


I would like to order but it is telling me you can’t ship this to my state (New Jersey). NJ is clearly listed in the ‘ship to’ states. Help!


retails for $45/half bottle with 93 WE rating, so it’s not that bad of a deal…


It in not just you. :frowning:


This name cracks me up every time.
and i can’t really explain why. good wine too.


When are they going to bring the non-dessert Used Automobile Parts back? I’ve been waiting for that 3-pack for 6 months now!

I really want to see the different corks on each one.


This stuff is good, I’ve purchased twice now and have seven. If I only had three, I’d be in for more. You like sweet-er dessert wines that aren’t alll that much port like, try these.


Does it come with the jumper cables?


Still trying to buy but unable to…either the ship to states or the cart processing system is wrong…


I think NJ is a no-go. I’m pretty sure the ship-to list is wrong.


I’ve begun to accept it…

On to the next one!


the words “sweet” and “Wine” don’t go together in my Vocabulary, :slight_smile: but to each their own.


If you’re a cigar smoker, you’ve got to try it!


Don’t smoke nasty, nasty, nasty. now now a little bud ??? hey I live in So Cal.