Used Automobile Parts

Used Automobile Parts
$99.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Used Automobile Parts
CT link above

Winery website

In for 2. Yum.

Does it come with a radiator? I need one of those.

I’m never sure if I can trust the list of direct shipping states … twice lately, our state hasn’t been listed (and it isn’t now) and then it turned out - too late for me - that they WERE registered to ship here.


So … do we believe the list this time, or no?

What does it mean black tie buy?

No ship to Nevada, the land of no bar close? Wtf, lollerskates…

$50 off of retail as per their site

Sounds very tempting.

Really? I go away for the weekend and everyone (CJ & Loweeel aka PetiteSirah) slacks off?

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Usually means a more expensive wine than normal Wine.Woot wines.

When it’s a brand new wine (that hasn’t been offered elsewhere on the internetz), they have the Launch icon.

Very true. If only my wine lockers weren’t stuffed to the gills with wine!!! :frowning:

It means you only break out the “Used Automobile Parts” for your Mom on Mother’s Day or when you have another distinguished guest over :slight_smile:

Oooh and I get free spark plugs too!!

…right, Woot? I mean, I didn’t see the annotation that they weren’t included :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, Was gonna get one, but for some reason Virginia isn’t on the list for this wine… is there a reason? I’ve bought wine before and Virginia was on the list… ???

Each winery must obtain a license for each state. It’s not something wine.woot does. It means that this winery hasn’t yet licensed to Virginia.

I really want to buy some but my car is a 1991.
How many of these would I have to buy to make an entire vehicle?

Maybe if the label read “The Whole Automobile”,they would ship to OHIO…

Thanks TT, I didn’t realize that. Uber bummed now.

I jumped in. Sounds like you will want to keep it for a few years before enjoying, perhaps to christen that new car in 2017?

This looks like great acidity, but with the high alcohol and darker fruits description, I’m curious as to how this wine wasm made. Did the acid find from the vines, or later in the production cycle? what’s their wine making philosophy?