Used Automobile Parts

Do have to express how much I like that Petite Verdot is the second grape in this Bordeaux blend!

Since we’re talking Used Automobile Parts… is there a trade in value and what about the seats? Really comfortable or do they feel like the back seat of a Volkswagen?

Same guys that brought us the phenomenal Orange Crusher!

W.E. rating of 89 back in 2009. Said should be more complex after 2011. I think I’m in.

I was hoping for brand new parts…

No VA makes my decision quite easy

Used Automobile Parts 2005 Bordeaux-style Red Blend (Napa Valley)
Wine Enthusiast Rating: 89

This link indicates an initial release price of $100 vs. a current winery price of $50. Was the indicated release price of $100 an error. If $100 was the initial price, this wine is a steal @ 3 for $99.99 and still a great deal vs. $50 a bottle as current winery listed price.

Price: $100/750 ml
Varietal: Bordeaux-style Red Blend
Appellation: Napa Valley, Napa , California, US
Producer:Used Automobile Parts
Alcohol: 14.9%
Case Production: 1,544
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Category: Red
Published in Magazine: 11/1/2009
Published to Web: 11/1/2009

However, I am curious as to why was there such an apparent big price drop at the winery if this juice can hang out in the cellar for another 10-15 years? or maybe just an error on the initial release price.

This is the top juice made by this outfit, with a much different price point, but it appears that there were no other vintages past 2005? Any reason(s)?

Just looking for some winery input from Don, Donny or Aug?

The obvious explanation for the price drop is that it is not easy to move $100 89 point bottles. For better or worse, 90 points is the magic number for a huge portion of the drink public.
Personally, even with the discount I am not taking a flyer on this. It’s verrry easy to find something exceptional at your local wine shop for the $~33 asked here.

Found this informative article from 2006 giving the original pricing for the 2005 Used Automobile Parts 3-packs. “The Bordeaux-style blend will be sold at retail in three-bottle packs for $150, or $50 per individual, 750 mL bottle…Used Automobile Parts is packaged in elegant bottles featuring a sophisticated script of 22-carat gold, directly screen printed and fired onto each vessel. The trio comes in a stylish presentation box that features a certificate with the winemaker’s tasting notes and an artistic rendering of each closure” So it’s $50 off list for the 3-pack, do discount is not too bad.

I guess we don’t get the presentation box. Just wish I could get some user reviews. Nothing on CT, Snooth and Google. Supposed to be good juice. Anyone try this before? Any notes?

Yeah, probably so.

This article I found online published on Apr 17, 2006 states:
The 2005 Used Car parts will be sold at retail in three-bottle packs for $150, or $50 per individual, 750 mL bottle", so I think the original release price for the 2005 was $50 given the article was written in 2006 before the 2005 were released. Still, this looks like a good deal with a 33% discount and the fact it is sold out everywhere online (only the port seems to be available online).

So, why do the Pedroncellis ship to Georgia and not Used Automobile Parts?

WS rates this wine an 87 and suggests a release price of $100. Here is their review:

“Zesty and peppery, with black fruit, cassis and plum flavors framed by toasty oak and sage notes. The tannins are solid and tough, with a dry finish. Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Drink now through 2012. 775 cases made. –MW”

I remember tasting a used auto parts not sure what vintage at a 2007 or 2008 wine tasting. I was not impressed and did not think it was worth the asking price. I’m going to pass on this one.

Will this work with my mac…truck.

Thankfully these guys didn’t want to pay the $25 license fee for Ohio so I can’t be tempted.

Though it is a reminder to me that it’s about time to open up another bottle of The Crusher.

So did they just not renew their NV license? I bought the Orange Crusher from them, but when their rose came up, I could not buy that or this wine.

Let’s get on that VA license!


I am sure that could be arranged, but you would need to come by and pick it up from the winery. Might also cost a little more than $99.