Used Automobile Parts

That is marketing talk for high quality wine. We often refer to “white tablecloth” as well. I am just a winemaker. Some of the marketing talk kills me too.

Be tempted. This wine is great!!

There is always room for more!!

In some senses, it will help “rotate your tires”.

Could you tell us a little bit about the 2005 vintage in contrast to the other vintages you’ve done with this wine?

1991 was a good vintage (cars or wine). 6 bottles would work to make an entire vehicle. Just a thought.

As part of the Don and Sons team, I apologize for not being set up in Virginia. I will pass this along to our marketing team for future wootings.

We do pick at high brix and add acid back to acheive balance. Our winemaking philosophy is driven by ripe fruit and big tannins. We don’t want the grapes to get raisiny or porty on us. But we do pick when the tannins are round and the fruit is berry rich. This wine is massive and very concentrated. I hope that helps.

Great trade in value!!! More like the back seat of a vintage Ferrari.

Amen!!! I was just looking at the 2011 Orange Crusher last week. It is coming along nicely.

We built this wine to be a 90+ point wine. It tastes like it now too.

This story is truly a sign of the times. We were dreaming big. We went out and bought expensive fruit, expensive barrels, and expensive packaging. We made a wine that was huge and would take time to soften up. We wanted this to be an ageworthy napa blend. But after 2005, the economy crashed. Look at all the high end Napa that was discounted in the past couple of years. So, we discounted ours as well.

After 2005, we decided to focus our efforts on our newest program B Side and put this expensive fruit and barrels into that effort. This effort has paid off given our score of 92 points on the 2009 B Side Napa Cab in the WE.

So that is our story. This wine is still a steal of a deal at $33 per bottle. I wish the WE and WS could taste it now. I think the Wine Woot world will be very happy with this offering.

Hope this helps explain a little bit here.

Over and out,
Winemaker Greg

That’s a good philosophy. Let’s make headaches for everyone because we don’t believe anything anyone says.


Thanks for your response…Probably in for one…maybe two…Is the gold paint on the bottle edible?

I checked with our state and NC does allow wine shipments. Why isn’t your winery allowing shipments?

Kletus Macksimus

haven’t ordered woot wines for a while now… had to drink some of the stockpile… but being the daughter of a gearhead, that still owns her first car…how can I pass up 'Used Automobile Parts" but the question now is 3 bottles or 6… the dilemmas in my life…

Are these bottle sold with non-cork enclosures? The original packaging of the set came with three different non-cork enclosures.

Always intrigued…

Ohio too please.

I love Cab driven blends.
Perfect opp use my $5 off coup. X

As noted on the home page, answered above, and answered countless times daily, each winery is responsible to obtain licensing for each individual state. If a state is not on the list it means that the winery (not woot) has not obtained the proper licensing to ship the wine to that state.