Used the Force

sounds darn cheery; like the design layout.

Luke throws an Ultra Ball! wiggle wiggle wiggle All right! A wild Death Star is caught! Do you want to give a nickname to your Death Star?

2 things I love, giving me double the pleasure, double the fun… Oh wait, that was Double Mint Gum…

Un-possible. You can’t throw a ball after all the HP is depleted…

The Force is strong with this shirt.

Over 9000XP gained, Luke leveled up

“A wild MOON appeared!”

Well, there’s little pieces all around afterwards - maybe it just needs a quick trip to a PokeCenter to be made well again!

bah got excited and thought the American Apparel shirts were back :frowning:

Shirt.Woot!'s FACE is super effective!

I know you’re waiting for “That’s no moon” but I refuse to give you the satisfaction! There is no way I will say “That’s no moon!”

Just as effective.

at least this was an actual design. yesterdays low quality graphic sunglasses were just silly.

I’m here for the EarthBound reference - it was released on the WiiU virtual console recently! Which, buying a WiiU for the game is cheaper than buying the cart off eBay…
A Pokemon referencing shirt with an EarthBound referencing blurb… my day has been made!

Star Wars and Pokemon! Woah. It’s like you’re purposefully trying to force me buy yet another t-shirt. I know, I know. There is no try.

You know if you squint hard enough you can almost pull this off with real pokemon using a crobat against a wild lunatone.

I would definitely see your point if I were ever to acknowledge that there were more than 151 Pokemon…

^^What he said.

I thought it might have been an “All your base are belong to us” reference, but I guess not…

I was excited to hear that you could play Earthbound on the Wii U. Sadly, it didn’t seem to work out as I was hoping.