Using GIPHY - Get Smaller Gifs

Hello wooters!

Are you tired of seeing this in posts after 5 minutes:


You see this because we limit the size of the photos/gifs because we have to pay for all this storage. Money, people.

Anyway, if you use GIPHY - and many of you do - there’s a quickish fix for this. Follow along.

Go to the GIPHY page for your gif and look for the “Media” link:


On that screen, there’s a “Small” option. Copy and use that link to post your gif.



Thanks for that. I just snag whatever off of google. I don’t usually bother to go to the source. I will try this is the future, fer sure.


gify seems to have changed how they offer images.

Now, after you click on the image you want, you have to click on [Share]. Scroll down and you will see links for [Small], [Social], [Original], and [MP4]. Select [Small] (usually) and then click on [Copy GIF Link]. This usually works.

In at least one case, though, I had to select the actual smallest sized link - which in one case was [Original]. Woot couldn’t process that link, though, so I had to paste it into a browser tab. Once that came up, I right-clicked on the image and selected [Copy Link Address]. That was the link I had to use.

Just thought I’d update this in case anyone else needs it.

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