USPA Polarized Sunglasses

What’s to hate? What do people hate about them?

Is it just me, or are those lens sizes comically huge?

I bought a couple of the Accomplice style last time they were on here and I like them. Well worth it.

I agree, these things must be made for shrek… The largest Ray Bans I could find are 63mm and even those look to big. I would need the 55mm. Shame, I would definitely be in for a pair of these if they were not so large.

Is the USPA a sticker on the lens or is it etched into the lens ?

The large USPA is a sticker in the lower center of the left lens. However the small USPA text is etched into the upper right lens similar to Ray Ban.

I received a pair of Tacoma yesterday and was concerned about them looking ‘too large’ at the time I placed my order. They are far from it. The bridge measure was listed as 20mm, but it’s not, and is closer to 13mm…making these sit a bit high on my nose. The lens height (which was unlisted) is about 44mm. As wide as the lenses are at 70mm, they still fail to block out light, mainly from the sides and bottom. I think it has to do with the small bridge. Don’t think I have a shrek sized head, as my hat size is 7.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

are they uv protected???