USPS Love Flourishes Stamps

USPS Love Flourishes Stamps

A 55 cent stamp for $1?

Prefer $158 for 80 stamps?


This is a horrible deal! People actually bought it!

People are not the brightest animals in the wild. Have you ever actually looked at the price difference between “generic” food products (such as walmart’s Great Value) compared to name brands? Quite often, the “generic” costs more than the name brand. It’s all advertising. If you frame something as a good deal, there is a portion of the population who will not do their own critical thinking and jump on the “deal.”

Personally, I’d prefer $44 for 80 stamps. Granted I don’t see this particular stamp design on the USPS site, but if you are buying this for a collection (am I still the only one who collects stamps?), you don’t buy 80 of one design.

We bought some ‘Great Value’ spices a few weeks ago.
They all smelled like old hay.
Sometimes, you get what you pay for…

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lol… Ain’t that the truth! What ever you do, do not buy their baked beans… I swear out of every three cans, one was pure mush.

The newer listing, same stamp, works out to 41cents/piece. This is ridiculous.

We lowered the price on the 80 stamps.

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

Had to be a new sale to move into the Under $50 event.

Update: I attached this thread to the new sale. All is right in the world… for now.

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