USRobotics Wireless USB Print Server


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USRobotics Wireless USB Print Server
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  • 1 USRobotics Wireless USB Print Server - USR5436

$88 @ Magnum-PC


I did my part


straight outta the 80s


nice…is this a new product? never seen it on woot


US Robotics makes great 14.4 modems


I print all my paper with wires.


cool but no use for me, I have no printer!


best investment I ever made for the home office


that’s it! I’m going to clown college!


Look at that! The phone has camoflaged itself to look like a wireless print server! Impressive!


Hey for all you Mac y pants…it supports some apple thingy.


wow ive been waiting my whole life for one of these!!

this is the type of device you already have or dont want.


what the hell does it do??? and i was just gettin’ ready to buy the mobile samsung pc…


United States Dollar?


my wife wants to know more about the pole vaulting young lady, and why shes our new desktop


So you connect this to your printer via the USB port and then you can connect to the printer wirelessly from anywhere in your house?


took one for the team.


Will all of you shut up. I’m trying to see if someone post this may be used as a Wireless Ethernet Adapter that could be used with SlingBox or Xbox or something so, SHUT UP, so important people can speak.