UTG Tactical Flashlight

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UTG Tactical Flashlight
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Reviews from OpticsPlanet and LAPoliceGear

4.5 stars over at Amazon -http://www.amazon.com/UTG-Combat-Flashlight-Interchangeable-Mounting/dp/B007NVJRX0/ref=psdc30_t3_B001WJ70EC_B007NVJRX0

While I don’t own this particular model of flashlight I do own other UTG lights/lasers and a multitude of other UTG products. Everything is high quality and very sturdy.

UTG / Leapers manufactures all sorts of “tactical” equipment and accessories. I have yet to get a product that I regret getting from them.

All of their products are made in the USA (Michigan to be exact) if that matters to you.

I own quite a few similar flashlights. More than a couple I bought from WOOT. They all are usually of very high quality. Most share a few similarities. They generally have a CREE or similar LED, aircraft aluminum case, and the power can vary from 80-500 Lumens. On one hand, this one fits the mold and would seem a good buy based on the accessories provided for the price, especially the quick attaching weapon rail (first I have seen). On the other hand, it uses the more expensive CR123 battery (2) rather than the 18650 that most use. This one supplies Lithium batteries, but does not indicate whether they are rechargeable, nor do they supply a charger. I will probably buy one of these just because it is different from most I own. However, I suspect there are better deals to be had, unless you intend to use the unique features this one comes with…

I worked with these when I was in the military, they use a halogen bulb and battery life is about 3-4 hours continuous.

I wasn’t paying attention this is the newer version with the LED bulb

UTG is a foreign company and most of their items are made over seas. They recently opened up a US factory to make their “UTG PRO” items.

The couple things I own from UTG were made in China. For the price, I’d expect this is the same.

Referencing the batteries, rechargeable CR123A items are listed as “RCR123A”. Personally, I have never seen this torch sold with rechargeables and a charger, it would most likely be packaged under a different SKU.

I need a tactical flashlight.

When I use plain old flashlights with my tactical screwdriver, I just don’t get optimum results.

Stripped screws, bruised knuckles…war is hell.

Anyone know if these will clamp to a Nerf gun?

With enough duct tape, yes.

It’s got a Picatinny mount - I don’t know of any nerf guns with a picatinny rail…

150 lumens is a night light these days. Need 500 to be competitive!

I pretty much agree… 150 is almost nothing anymore.

The 150 lumen throw of this flashlight is not that impressive. The weapon mount is worthwhile at this price. It might be possible to upgrade the emitter depending on how the light is put together. Don’t be afraid of the CR123 batteries, you can buy them online for a $1 each and the have a selflife of ten years.

…well hey are no where near the quality of surefire for 5X the money they are good for people who arent planning to take this to war or a duty weapon. Great for an average user.

wow…so I ordered one of these yesterday…and it’s on the truck for delivery today…