Utility Carts

Here is a video describing the plastic VERSA/Deck:

And, here is a video on our Series 5 Wood Platform Trucks:


Please let me know if I may answer any questions.


Can these be stored outside or will they rust away?

James - we would not recommend storing them outside. However, the plastic deck platform trucks would certainly survive longest outside vs the wood decks. All the metal components are powder coated and would resist rusting longer than painted parts.

Hope that helps - Stan

HEY stan: i see the 2x4 foot plastic model has a couple of stake holes on one side… so, is that just one side or both sides? do the wheels have grease zerts?

Nappy - per the product team, the casters have grease zerts on both axle and raceway.

As for the holes, they are actually for tiedowns as pictured:


stan, the horizontal ridge along the tie down hole, is that ridge a plastic covered steel reinforcement, or is it just plastic?

The tie down slots are reinforced plastic. You can see a pretty good shot of the underside in the video above.


i guess i will find out if it is steel reinforced when it arrives…i will place a magnet on the ridge and see if it is just plastic or not… years ago i used an identical cart like this made by rubbermaid… i have looked for an affordable one since then… this cart material is indestructable. remove the push bar and it is easily stored turned up on its side; or i can transport it in my cars front seat. eight inch wheels roll over dirt and grass depending on load. impossible to overload and will never wear out.

Nappy - I hope I did not mislead you. The tiedown holes do not have any steel, but the plastic has reinforcing bars molded into the plastic. This deck material does last forever. Here is the “blurb” from the marketing team: VERSA/Deck structural foam platform trucks are molded for strength and long-term durability. Molded structural plastic decks are steel-reinforced and have exceptional strength-to-weight ratios. Handles are powder-coated steel. These easy to clean platform trucks have excellent chemical resistance, and resist damage from long-term exposure to weather.