Uvaggio 2007 Barbera - 3 Pack

Uvaggio 2007 Barbera - 3 Pack
$37.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Uvaggio 2007 Barbera
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Winery website

Previous offer:
7/28/10 (white)

CT community price $14.05 ea. and $18 on the Uvaggio site.

How is this a good deal?

edit: apologies Cesare, blew right by your posting.

Am I missing something?

According to this order form from their website (http://www.uvaggio.com/PDF/11-10-orderform1b.pdf), bottles are only $18 each…

On their website they are $18 each. So what’s up with charging more than winery or market price? Something is amiss here!

How’d you balance them upside down for the picture?

I just opened my last bottle of Uvaggio’s Nebbiolo. If this is similar quality, should be excellent. Good thing it’s the beginning of the month! Seriously tempted, but no room!

Interested in the wine, but what’s up with the price?

Maybe it was the vernal equinox?

Checking on this!

Went to a wine tasting weekend in Lake County last weekend and had some outstanding Barberas with a far better QPR. Hopefully the Uvaggio gets a price check/adjustment :slight_smile:

Changing to $37.99 ASAP.

don’t worry, those who bought will be adjusted.

sorry for the confusion.

Thanks WD. First post has been updated.

WD is slashing prices after midnight! This is better than Walmart. :slight_smile:

ANYthing is better than Walmart…

And this is a prime example of my love/hate relationship with wine.woot. I was fine skipping over three bottles I’ve never tried at $77 shipped. At $45, however…

Will wait till at least October to order again. Can’t trust FedEx with wine in this heat. A shame, would have tried this one.

That is one seriously short list of states!

Epoxy? Superglue? Stick glued to the back that is also glued to the table?

I’m in! I really enjoyed the VJB Barbera (my first Barbera) so I am excited to get my lips around a Barbera from a different winery. However, if Wine.woot wanted to bring back VJB for another sale I wouldn’t be opposed (hint hint, wink wink, sledgehammer sledgehammer)

Have you considered having your shipments “Held for pickup” at your local FedEx/Kinkos? My wine gets dropped off there usually around 9 a.m. and then is held in air conditioned goodness until I can come pick it up after work.

Easy to do… once you have a tracking #, sign up for e-mail alerts. Then once the package is tendered for delivery, have it held at a location convienent.