Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino - 4 Pack

Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino - 4 Pack
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Condition: White
Product: 4 Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino
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Here’s a review from Jancis Robinson from last year: link

With a name that Italian and unintentionally hilarious, it has GOT to be good!

Oooo! A new, not often seen varietal.

Try it. you’ll like it.


Unfortunately, it’s a varietal I’ve already captured before.

Must think upon this offer.

I think its meant for those who were asking for whites with low alc :slight_smile:

Edit: Does late harvest mean its going to be overly sweet or that it’s meant for dessert?

If not, would fish, say… planked salmon, or chicken pair well with these?

Wow, that has to be the shortest list of states where it can be sold. Only the second time I can recall North Carolina not being on the list.


Looks like a variety for the Century Club. Anybody in DFW want to split an order?


From the description:
Fruity and floral with hints of herbs, mint and cilantro on top of citrus and kiwi.
Cilantro? So if I’m one of those people who tastes cilantro as soapy, will I get that with this wine?

I’m thrilled NC isn’t on the list!

I sort of dedicated this summer to exploring whites more, but now I’ve had enough, and I’m going back to reds/fizzies. [g]

Anyone in MN (Metro area or SE towards Rochester) want to split this? I would be interested in trying 2. Pick it up and PM me.


what happened to Iowa? I thought they were a reciprocal state and always on the list. Did something change since my PIWBM went into effect? Cause this one might have made me break said PIWBM

cilantro is the reason that makes me happy not to be a supertaster.

Did it say that in the early morning description? I don’t see that anywhere.

And BOOOO. No Ohio.

Cool wine! Just wanted to shout out to all the RPM Wooters who came out last week to wine country. Great time!

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Last wooter to woot: alfisti13

Works for me…in for 3 but please make sure the ice packets are included for summer shipping, as the last order didn’t have 'em!

Um, right now it says Yukon in the list of states. Does the state list keep changing or something? There is a plethora of errors in the text and description. What’s up? I feel like there’s a joke I’m not getting.

As always it’d be nice to hear from the winery, but they list RS as <0.5g/l. That’s less than a lot of my reds (many which state RS as Xg/100ml, or 1/10th the number), so I assume it is fairly dry.

I can’t find it right now, but I thought I remembered Scott Harvey posted an article about residual sugar levels… Maybe someone has a link.

Iowa has been missing quite a few times since June 30th. J wine wasn’t available as well as Buttonwood. As of July 1st, wineries have to get a direct shipping permit ($25) so that must have had an effect on wines available on woot. Not a good thing.