Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino - 4 Pack

Ack…to many whites again…

Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino - 4 Pack
$43.99 + $5 shipping
Uvaggio 2008 Vermentino
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Will this work with my Mac?

Seeing two whites already today makes me think my chances of more White Zeppelin or J Chardonnay are slim to none…

I love whites!

I love reds!

I love wine!

In any case…
This offering seems about retail price elsewhere as well…

Also offered on winethieves for 9.99 a bottle…

curses… I would love to try this, but I’ve already spent too much this wootoff. It’ll take Ty, Cathy, or Peter to get me to jump in at this point.

grr… if only i had that wine chart, i’d be able to figure out what this might taste like…

i don’t even want to think about the torment if white zeppelin makes an appearance… that is by far my favorite white off ww so far…

any indication of whether this’ll be a 2- or 3-day affair?

The posts over on the regular woot site are indicating 3 days. If there’s no Bag of Crap up by 4pm central today, I’d guess it’s gonna go until the monkey flies tomorrow afternoon.

I think we may have sold through the White Zep 09’ production already. Stillman only made a small quantity of those.


Let me start off by saying that I am not a wine drinker, but my girlfriend is. I have a couple questions. How come it never says how large the bottles are on wine.woot? Maybe it does say the size somewhere and I’m just an idiot, or maybe there is an implied standard wine bottle size?

Also, does anyone here know of a good white wine “sample pack” that I can buy online? Every time me and my girlfriend go to the package store she always forgets what kind she likes and gets any random white wine. I figure there has to be some kind of sample pack online that is fairly inexpensive that has the different varieties of white wine so novice wine drinkers can get a better understanding of what kind they like.

Thank you in advance for the answers and advice!

I thought so too but then I joined his wine club and he emailed me pricing for the 2009 White Zep '09.

I don’t know this wine, but Vermentino is lively, wonderfully perfumed variety traditionally great with Calamari and Pesto!

All bottles are 750mL unless otherwise noted. That is the standard wine bottle volume. Wine bottles can be different sizes and shapes, with the standards being a Burgundy bottle and the Bordeaux bottle.

Check outThis linkfor a summary of shapes.

Anyone out there have tasting notes? I’m tempted but need to be pushed.

Based on the pattern of this woot-off, the next offering will be of the non-wine variety. I just hope its a wine fridge for all the wine I’ve got coming to me. I’m seriously running out of storage space.

I just noticed that “Yukon” is in the ship to list. When did woot start shipping to canada, eh? :wink:

if it’s a quality 100+ capacity fridge for $700, i might have to be in for three… especially if we’re shipping for $5…

Check out any wine speciality stores in your area to see if they do wine tastings. Some liquor stores will do the same. (Though I guess the laws about such things vary from place to place.) It’s instructive to be able to have someone describe the wine, and as you sample, direct you towards a selection based on your opinions.

And oh yeah, keep notes. (Some wine shops will keep a log of your purchases, send you emails, etc. The log is good so when you go in and say, “I can’t remember what it was, but a couple of months ago we tried … and it was tasty,” and the store clerk can pull up the name.)