UVClean+ Portable Instant UV Sterilizing Wand

Swallowing this or inserting this via other orifices will not result in internal sterilization. Woot, your legal team may feel free to compensate me for this free PSA. I could use the cash.


maybe by paying extra here you don’t have to hold it for 150 seconds…They provide you a post millennial to hold it for that long!

That little detail was not on Alibaba

Mr or Mrs B*

“They didn’t even spell mites correctly on the listing”

Again Millennials…

*a reference don’t get upset, just smile.

The responsible answer is maybe. or Provided you hire a Millennial to hold the stick long enough…

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how does hypochlorous acid compare with UV for dwell time to be effective? What about pain old bleach, that our dear leader apparently thinks is good as chicken soup.

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Is my drugstore cheap 91% alcohol not good enough? Spray bottles are cheap. So is Everclear.

Hypochlorous acid is sold for eyelid use on Amazon in small spray bottles for a few dollars and much safer, too. I use the larger veterinary bottles for wound care and for my pets.

So there are many other products with multiple uses which are safer. And while they need to sit a little bit before you dry them off, they are easier than holding a wand at a precise angle for such a long time.

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After seeing this on the first go-around, and it being sold out, I looked for alternatives. The ones I could find were all sold out or much more expensive.
My plan has always been to build a small box, line it with reflective foil, and mount a light like this inside. After suspending a mask in the box and closing it up, I could then turn on the light and sterilize the inside for 5-10 minutes. With proper seals/seams, that should protect from any outward effects.

I bought one of these last time they were posted. I became skeptical as I have learned most UVC LEDS tend to not live up to their claims. I also had some UVC dosimeter cards from American Ultraviolet and a Lumin UVC box for cleaning medical equipment. I put the wand in a foil lined box with the dosimeter card. After 10 minutes it did not register on the dosimeter. I put the dosimeter card in my Lumin UVC box and within a minute it registered on the dosimeter. I feel this product does not live up to the manufacturer claims. I really don’t want anyone to buy this wand and think they are disinfecting surfaces if it is not.

  1. How does this compare to other UVC sources like say…THE SUN!!!

  2. Can this be used to get UV light “inside the body” like for example if I wanted to disinfect my colon?


As a millennial I’m not sure how to react to this haha! I won’t be holding this to anything for any amount of time, in or outside of my body :wink:

UVC from the sun is blocked from the ozone. Pretty much anything on the surface is man made.


That’s patently false. Standard window glass permits UVA but blocks UVB and UVC. I can’t speak to the transmission properties of the plastic guard in this device, but your blanket statement is incorrect.


Here’s a video breakdown of an alleged UVC wand type lamp. It’s fake UVC.


There is a guy behind the liquor store that says he can do that for five bucks!


The sun gives off lots of Emag radiation but fortunately much of it, including UVC, is filtered out by the atmosphere. UVA & UVB get through.
BTW I take this wand as snake oil.

No, he wants to give you an injection

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These are fake. The LED required for UVC would not fit on that wand. Shame on woot for selling this. I see someone already linked a good video about it.


That’s not what Clive said. Uvc LEDs are available in 5050smd form factor, but they cost about $4 each and have a distinctive metallic appearance, since UVC generally damages plastics.

Still, probably for the best. Uvc is dangerous, and the kind of people who make blanket statements like that should probably not be messing with it.

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This is a UVA wand, not UVC. It won’t disinfect anything. Be advised if it claims it’s a UVC LED based sterilizer it’s almost certainly fake. All UVC LED packages are prohibitively expensive with a SINGLE LED costing between $10 and $20 apiece. Sorry for the folks that got ripped off. Don’t believe me? Then by all means do your own research. Look at pricing for 10k lots of UVC LEDs (assuming you can find them for sale during this troubled time), or individual unis, then try to puzzle out how someone can sell a emitter with 5-10 LEDs for around $40 when the LEDs themselves would cost several hundred dollars. Also, it’s worth noting a LOT of “sterilizing LED bulbs” are being sold for cheap. These are ICE BLUE LED bulbs, they’re not even ultraviolet. Don’t be suckered, do your research first.


Doh, I see others beat me to the punch. I’m glad there are signs that the scumbags scamming people with such devices are getting called out. Not that any of them care or are worried about any fallout.

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