UZI Tactical Pens

Tactical pen? Oh lord, this military fetishism has really gone too far. What next, tactical hand soap? Tactical coffee mugs? Tactical beer cozys?


These pens are junk. They use Chinese made refills and will not accept Fisher refills: the opening is smaller and the refills will not fit through the tip.

Aluminum quality is good, the steel extension mechanism is terrible and failed on two retractable models tested.

Warning: you will want to stab your eyes out after wasting your money on them. These truly belong in a bag of crap.

OMG!!! I had totally forgotten about Beany & Cecil, until that last post!!! Oh, woe is me!!! What shall become of me? I have forgotten and forsaken the cartoons of my youth…can Alzheimer’s be far behind???

bought several last go around and completely agree.