V-E(ndor) Day

Outstanding mashup! Congrats, Gaelvin.

Great job! Love how this one turned out.

I like it but what’s up with the AT-ST in the background?

It’s in the position of the triangular building (I don’t know if it had a name) in Times Square where the original photo was taken. And, it’s the AT-ST that Chewie and the Ewoks hijacked.

That’s the one Chewie was piloting.

Photobombed by the Ewok!

It’s the Flatiron Building.

Way to go, Mosby.

perfect mash-up, well done!

Seconded! Great attention to details from the original!

Please make available for wall print!!

Oops! Wrong building. I read triangular building and didn’t pay attention to the rest…

That one is about 23 blocks south of Times Square. :slight_smile:

I also love that it’s a reference to V-J Day. I grew up in Rhode Island where we always celebrated V-J Day. It’s the day we celebrated for the Victory over Japan (September 2nd in the US). RI is the only state that has it as an official holiday. A few years back, they changed the name to Victory Day and it’s always the second Monday in August. Great shirt, great reference!

It’s the one that Chewbacca stole.