The tablet is junk - both hardware and software. I’m not sure I’d pay $50 for it let alone $100. ‘You-know-who’ has some useful reviews of it, particularly the most recent reviews (since the tablet has been out for several years now) and while it was a good beginner tablet initially, it no longer receives updates and is not compatible with many apps.

Further, there are well-documented problems with the USB inputs being faulty and Vizio being largely unwilling to do repairs since it’s a problem with such a large portion of their tablets.

Bottom line: wait for a Woot-off. And even then, be skeptical.

Agree. 50%
I bought this tablet off of woot about a year ago. Was 100% happy with the software and the tablet did everything i needed. I also know about the usb charger problem so i was very very VERY careful when plugging recharge.

Did no good, 2 weeks ago it started not charging unless the usb was in just right. Now it dose not change at all.
Paperweight i now have. Run away fast from this deal young man. :slight_smile:

Huh. Why are there two entries for VIZIO E320i?

Good eye! It looks like they are slightly different though. One is the E320i-A0, the other is E320i-A2. The only difference in specs I see is the Response time.

Hope that helps!

I miss the 22" every time it is up! It is the perfect size for the guest room and I really like the look of it.

Hi. Can you tell me if the Vizio 29" TV has the capability to be hung on the wall?


Looks like it. Here’s the info from the specs:

Wall Mount Specifications:
VESA Hole Pattern: 100 x 100mm
Screw Size: M4
Screw Length: 10mm
Screw Pitch: 0.7mm

159$ on new eggs for the vizio smart 24" and also 28.99 for a one year warranty. This makes woots! the deal by a small margin; however, not enough of a difference to make me knee-jerk-click and buy that bad boy.

One niggling little bit of criticism. The word is “vAriegated” not “vEriegated”.

I have a Visio 36" set I bought new a couple of years ago. Has always worked fine. Don’t know if I’d trust ANYbody’s “refurbished” unit. Must have been SOME reason the first purchaser took it back to the store.