V. Sattui Riesling - 3 pack

V. Sattui Riesling - 3 pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: White
1 V. Sattui 2009 Early Harvest White Riesling
1 V. Sattui 2008 White Riesling
1 V. Sattui 2009 Anderson Valley White Riesling

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V. Sattui is my favorite wine maker of all time and their winery is the best place to picnic in Napa Valley (St. Helena actually).

I’ve got 4 cases of the 2009 early harvest Riesling sitting here for service at my wedding banquet this coming Saturday!

So I’m always in for V Sattui, and I’m always in for whenever Riesling is offered… does that mean I’m double in for this one? Kind of. I’m double excited, if that helps… but in for 1 3-pack.

Thanks Woot!


Please note - at 15.9, 23.5, and 26.4g/L, these go well past off-dry and are fully sweet Rieslings. Interesting play here, though - and tons of other technical info. Plenty to mull over.

My favorite winery ever.

Their gamay rouge is my favorite.

Well there’s something you don’t see every day.

I don’t think mill likes whites too much.

Love all of the numbers. Note: these will be off-dry to sweet depending on your perception. The acid looks as though it should counter the sweetness at least a bit in all three. The Early Harvest in particular which makes sense given that it’s harvested early. :slight_smile:

Eh… being from near NY Wine country spoils me.

I can think of about 15 other Rieslings that I can get for about 1/3 this price and don’t have to wait for shipping. We’re also known for our Rieslings in these parts!

A rare pass for me.

Have you tried their Gamay Grape Juice? It’s killer.

And look! You can use the wine chillers at Woot to cool 'em down!

By the by, interesting item on juvie tonight.

Edit: beaten by the cat right above me. :frowning:

Easy… there are lots of people that love sweet wines. I need to purchase them so that my wife lets me by mine!

$5 Rieslings that will beat these?

Congrats! So is this dry, off-dry or sweeter than that? Scott Harvey (srr blogs right) is part of the 'let’s make a sweetness standard for Rieslings ’ club.

Edit: hmm, we have conflicting reports! So far. 'Not fry’s. We need that Harvey scale.

winery website

2008 White Riesling

2009 Early Harvest White Riesling

2009 Anderson Valley White

Sattui Website


"Medium sweet, with concentrated floral and fruity flavors of apricot and ripe melon, our (off-dry) White Riesling has a rich, luscious, mouth-drenching finish that stands up to the most exotic of foods.

Try alongside grilled shrimp with spicy peanut sauce,roast pork with orange teriyaki or cumin-crusted chicken.

3 GOLD MEDALS - North of the Gate Wine Competition, Winemaker Challenge, Grand Harvest Awards"

About a 1/3 = under $10 for me.

Yes, believe it or not, there are tons of NY wineries that have deals with local liquor/wine shops that do specials all the time.

Oh. About 1/3 off. That’s a big difference than 1/3 of the price.