V Sattui Winery Riesling - Four Pack

V Sattui Winery Riesling - Four Pack
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
White - 750ml
2 07 Dry Riesling 750ml
2 07 Off-Dry Riesling 750ml

Crap… might be in for 3 woots in a row…

CT links above.

Congrats dnasquesttoblack3000 on a quick and accurate guess!

I absolutely LOVE riesling, so I’ll be in for one later today. But is anyone else wondering how this wine was bottled BEFORE it was harvested…

Harvest Dates: Sep 1- Oct 3, 2007
Production: 4,345 Cases (750 ml bottles)
Date Bottled: February 28, 2007

Wow. V Sattui. I just told my wife and she said, “That’s not wine, that’s a tourist trap!”.

I’m out…

was that first person - first guess got it right? wow

thanks - looks like a great offering, and i’m real glad and excited that i can finally woot again thanks to loonleggers. i will be excited to find that gunbun here or elsewhere soon!

Love the winery (great place for a picnic)… but never tried any of their wines (we always take our own bottle in our picnic basket). I may have to pass this week with all of the indulgence last week. I’ll wait to see what the 2nd half of the week brings.

jomosul (or something like that) said:

Just wanted to reply to say that it would not make economic sense at $5 or $7 shipping to buy only one bottle. At that shipping price, the bottle then becomes about as expensive as the one in your local shop, if not more. To really maximize the price advantage, you need to get multiples.

It might be but they make some great Rieslings. I never thought I’d see V. Sattui on woot! In for at least 1…

I did visit there in Jan, and the store and fake cellar is quite the tourist trap. But a little ways behind it is an actual winery.

not a riesling fan unless indian food is involved, but my love for this winery runs deep. In for one out of loyalty, and hoping for some of their awesome reds come Thursday.

hey, not in for the labrattery this week. In Lodi, then running 220 miles as part of a relay. Won’t be abode-side until next week.

ah, beg to differ. They have some lovely wines. That they have capitalized on the tourist trade does not negate that.

this was actually replying to the “tourist trap” original post.

Not to mention that as with regular woot, the $5/$7 shipping doesn’t cover the actual cost of shipping, some of it is baked into the price. And shipping one bottle is almost as expensive as shipping two. One-bottle offerings wouldn’t have the same level of discount.

haha haha haha haha! we were in Napa in May and had free drink tix to V.S., and went, and damn if it isn’t like Disneyland in that place …

but we love Riesling so in for at least one … but this is pricey for Riesling, I can get $6 C St Michelle at Costco that I think is great

Very true. Another reason to like them is they bottle some hard to find varietals and they make a full range of wines, from white to rose to red to dessert to port. Love their Gamay Rouge and Muscat.

Any idea of alcohol % on these?

Sooo tempted. Except I won’t be here to receive I don’t think. Maybe I can gift them…

Front page has the “Off Dry” listed as 13.2 %v/v, doesn’t say anything about the “Dry”

They don’t say what the RS is on the “Dry” one, I wonder if it’s completely dry, or champagne “dry”.

EDIT: Web site says 0.8% RS for the Dry (2.0% for the Off Dry)
EDIT2: Dammit, that’s for the '06…

OMG! V Sattui on Woot! I love this place. I was up in Napa Saturday and we so wanted to stop here to re-stock on the Riesling but didn’t make it. I"m so excited to see it here. In for one and I hope my request to be a labrat is still in effect!!!

I am thinking with them being dry that they aren’t going to taste a lot like C St. Michelle right? I notice it says peach and tangerine rather than apple/pear.

So can a wine be dry and still have that soft sweetness? (total noob question, I apologize for that)