V-Touch 16GB Touch Screen Media Player with Bonus Headphones

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V-Touch 16GB Touch Screen Media Player with Bonus Headphones [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * V-Touch VL-885 16GB 2.8” Touch Screen 2MP Camera MiniSD Media Player, 1 * Visual Land SSB-10 In Ear Headphones

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i wonder what the battery life is on this

Am I the only one who thinks this product sounds vaguely dirty?

That’s really cheap for an iPo–Oh wait.

Would it work if you plug it into iTunes?

Playing AVI files doesn’t mean too much if they dont tell us the codecs it plays.

This is not an iPod Touch or iPhone (what they actually want)

There’s something very familiar about this product…

Question… Does the webcam feature work with skype?

So this is basically just a crappy iPod Touch?

I told you Woot would offer the Two-Day shipping soon. You will get this for Christmas now w00t!

35 hours recording does that mean with on board storage or expandable to

Would it work with my Mac?

Here’s one on Amazon. No reviews…but seems like a good deal.


Looks like it comes with halfway-decent headphones. Beat that iPod.

SIGH…I thought I was about to get a 80 dollar iPod touch…

What a heartwarming story.

Anyone else remember Goofus and Gallant?

But it’s ALMOST like an iPod.

By the looks of these reviews, this is kind of a crappy ripoff of an iPod Touch with some similar functionalities.

Based on my experiences with rip-off electronics, the build quality on these things are something akin to a cheap, plastic toy.