V-Touch 16GB Touch Screen Media Player with Bonus Headphones

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V-Touch 16GB Touch Screen Media Player with Bonus Headphones
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 V-Touch VL-885 16GB 2.8" Touch Screen 2MP Camera MiniSD Media Player
  • 1 Visual Land SSB-10 In Ear Headphones

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I wonder if the quality on these is just awful…?

iPad false alarm.

Cool! An IPad!!

O, Wait…

These things are actually pretty great, got one for my little bro after his sansa broke, cause he wanted an iPod touch but we were broke, and i actually like this thing better than the ipods (no iTunes YAY)

Anyone have experience with battery life on this thing?

how close to an Ipod is this?

I get that its a cheap knock-off but how cheap of a knock-off is it?

can i jailbreak this with a custom .ipsw file which modifies the firmware thus allowing me to run 3rd party apps?

$105 on Amazon.

It’s just like an X-ray compared to a Y-ray. “V” is clearly better than “I”

wow the ipad is out only 2 days and there are already replicas.

Really, a Vtouch?? after al that hype and an IPHONE you hae a vtouch?? im done with you!! on a better note, these are very bad and not worth buying, they have been sold many times before hereon woot and everyone agrees that these should not be bought at all.

What color are the headphones?

Ah, the V-Touch 16g… For those who want people on the bus to think they have an iphone.

the cheapest

FROOGLED $100-115

Been thinking about a touch screen MP3 player like one of these, but I know it won’t work with iTunes. Can anyone recommend a good site where I can buy music for this MP3 player?


Cnet doesn’t show any reviews, but Woot! has the best price by about $40.